3 people in the baseball world who need to go

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I love baseball, always have always will. However there are 3 people in the the baseball world I’m just tired of and think they need to just disappear.

First we have those annoying fucking switch pitchers. Cool you can throw with both hands, but then you run into a switch hitter and they play ignorant to the rule of picking which hand they pitch with before the inning. Then we have a back and forth of which side both the hitter and pitcher are choosing. It was cool the very first (also the only time it was cool) time I heard of a switch pitcher, but that coolness ended almost immediately.

Next on the list is Carter Capps. Dude does that stupid slide before actually pitching the ball because it adds 5 perceived MPH to his throw. Like hey asshole, you’re pitching from the bottom of the mound whereas everyone else is pitching from the rubber.


Last on the list, and the worst of them all, is foul boy guy Zach fucking Hample. He is the most insufferable person in the sports world. The guy literally maps out where he is going to stand for every fucking batter. “Arod hits a most of his home runs to left center around 380 ft I better go stand over there.”. Shows up hours early to games to get balls during BP. Not long ago a man caught 5 foul balls in a game, didn’t do anything special just 5 balls hit right at him. Hample responds by going to a game to get 22 foul balls (including BP). I once got 6 balls including BP in a game, guess how many I kept… 0. I gave 1 to my cousin who was a kid at his first game and some other kids. What’s the key word in my last sentence… KID. Foul balls are cool but bringing gloves to a game and going to BP with your heart set on getting a ball is for kids. It doesn’t help that he also has the kind of face you just want to punch. There is no one in the world of sports I hate as much as him.


Zach Hample seems like the kind of guy who googles his own name so I hope he sees this.

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