Abigail is the Newest Street Fighter V Character

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Abigail will be making is playable debut in the Street Fighter series as the next character to join the season 2 fighter pack.  Just to get this out of the way, Abigail is humongous.  On screen, only Hugo comes close to the giant that is Abigail.  Abigail weighs in at a massive 584 pounds while standing as exactly 8 feet tall.  Capcom did a great job using his size as part of the design of his gameplay.  Small touches such as flicking his opponent in the face, causing them to fly across the screen as well as using his opponent as a literal speedbag are things that only someone of his massive size could pull off.  The Season 2 fighter pack has been a pleasant surprise up to this point.  Abigail looks like he will add a fresh dynamic to the game and even force certain characters to adjust the way they normally want to play in order to account for his gigantic screen presence.  Abigail will be available along with a brand new stage on July 25h.

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