Bar’s prized pickled toe stolen

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Tequila has a worm or a scorpion at the bottom of it but that pales in comparison to what the Downtown Hotel out of Dawson City puts into their cocktail. It’s called the sourtoe cocktail and it contains a pickled toe (Rex Ryan’s favorite drink to suck down).

The preserved toe has been a part of the bar since it was found in an abandoned cabin back in 1973. The cocktail is just a shot of whiskey with a big blackened, pickled toe inside of it. Sounds delicious….

What’s the purpose of drinking this? You, along with everyone in their right mind might be asking yourselves right now. Well, you get awarded the coveted sourtoe certificate! To be able to do so you have to follow the simple rules that have been in place since the bar owner decided putting a preserved severed toe in a drink was a good idea. The rules go as follows, “you can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips have gotta touch the toe”.

The pickled toe bandit happened to request the sourtoe cocktail outside of the usual hours that the bar serves it. The bartender, trying to be a good host, broke out the toe to serve him the cocktail and he ran off with it.

Surprisingly this isn’t the first incident where they have lost a toe, back in 2013 someone swallowed a toe during the sourtoe challenge. I don’t know how the fuck you don’t realize that you have a toe crossing your lips, and even worse how you wouldn’t spit that out instantly. In light of that event the staff added a $2,500 fine if there was anything that happened to the toe.

There is still no report of whether they have captured the man who stole the Hotel’s coveted big toe, but they say he left his certificate behind so they have his name. In the meantime they will just have to break out one of their back up toes. Of course, because any sensible bar or hotel knows that they should carry at least 3 backup toes in case of emergencies. While no information has been released to the public I have a few ideas about who the culprit could be (cough Tarantino cough Sexy Rexy).


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