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I originally picked this beer because of the name, I mean Blaecorn Unidragon, sounds awesome right? This was back in the day before I had any clue how great of a brewery Clown Shoes was and still is. The pour on this one was black, like the blackest black you will ever see, like black hole black. It comes to a small tan head that dissipates fairly quickly but leaves a nice lacing. When smelling it you get a subtle aroma of roasted malts, dark chocolate and coffee, typical for a Russian Imperial. With the first sip you get a malty sweetness followed by hints of chocolate and coffee and some earthy hops. The alcohol taste is surprisingly well hidden considering the ABV of 12.5%. The mouthfeel is a full bodiedness with a very light carbonation. All together this beer is very drinkable and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys themselves a dark beer. I give Blaecorn Unidragon a 8.8 pints out of 10, pick up a 22 for yourself this weekend and drink up!


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