Beer of the Week: Newburyport Green Head IPA

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This is a great IPA. It has the piney resin taste similar to other classic East coast India Pale Ales. This beer does not have much citrus flavor or floral notes to it. It has a nice bite, but it’s not overly hoppy like some IPAs can get. It has a nice golden color with an amber hue, and comes to a thick head when poured. This is a delicious IPA that can be enjoyed at anytime. Make sure to look out for the Newburyport brewing company. They have some other great beers and are an up and coming brewery out of MA. Green Head IPA happens to be the best that they have come out with so far, it is definitely worth purchasing to at least try. I give this beer 8.5 pints out of 10 as one of my favorite East Coast IPAs to date.

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