Beer of the week: Trillium, Congress Street

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Trillium’s beers had been recommended to me on numerous occasions from several different reliable sources so when I was able to purchase one of their IPAs I jumped at the chance. The pour comes out as an opaque pale yellowish color. It is very cloudy and comes to a small white head. The aroma is big on the tropical fruits (pineapple, citrus) and the floral hops. There is also a mild hint of malt. The taste follows the nose as the tropical fruit comes through up front with a slight piney hop bitterness throughout. The beer is a nice juicy fresh tasting IPA and completely masks any alcohol flavor that you would expect from an IPA with 7.20% ABV. This is an incredibly drinkable IPA that anyone can enjoy, even if you are not a huge fan of IPAs you will love this beer. I give Congress Street 9.7 pints out of 10, if you ever see this beer at your local retailer PICK IT UP!


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