Beer of the Week: Two Roads, The Route of all Evil

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This American black ale is a great change up from the normal porter or stout you would drink. It is an extremely dark beer but doesn’t drink like one. The flavor starts with resinous hops, pine needles, and a nice bitterness. Then comes the roasted malts, dark chocolate in the middle. It ends with the hoppy flavor coming back up to bite, but like a playful nibble, not too harsh. This beer has a complex flavor that works well together. The route of all evil is a very drinkable beer for having a 7.5% ABV. It pairs well with a lot, considering it has the flavor profile of porters, stouts and IPAs all rolled into one delicious bottle. I give Two Roads, The Route of all Evil a 7.5 pints out of 10, make sure you give it a try!




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