Beer review, Jack’s Abby Excess IPL

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I was excited to crack this beer open as I have always been a fan of Jack’s Abby beers. Excess pours a hazy yet light golden color. The aroma’s that it gives off are very fruity. You will sense some nice floral aromas along with pine, passion fruit and guava. The taste is very similar to the nose, you get sweetness and citrus flavor up front and it is rounded off with a nice piney and floral taste. This is a very well rounded IPL, the aroma is strong considering that the beer was dry hopped 3 times during the fermentation process. Excess is a great beer for the summer, and has taken it’s place as my favorite beer from Jack’s Abby. I give this IPL one of the highest ratings of any of the beers I have reviewed at 9.6 pints out of 10, drink up!


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