Birth of the Dragon Could Reinvigorate the Kung Fu Movie Genre

Pokejon Shenanigans Leave a Comment

Birth of the Dragon, the newest Bruce Lee movie has not been released yet, but it is already getting solid reviews from those who were lucky enough to see it ahead of its August 25th release date.  The concept of old Kung Fu meets new Kung Fu should really get fans excited.  I almost hope that Wong Jack Man starts running on lamp posts and the sides of buildings, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Style, whenever Bruce Lee screams at seeing his own blood.  This is obviously a passing of the torch movie that represents the transition of traditional Kung Fu to modern Kung Fu.  There is sure to be lots of fights and fan service for those who prefer traditional Kung Fu movies as well as those who grew up with the original Bruce Lee movies.  Birth of the Dragon is sure to be one of the best Kung Fu action movies of the year and could possibly rejuvenate the genre with some remakes of older Dragon movies.  

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