Blizzcon World Championships Opening Week Tournament Begins Today!

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Many of the best players in the world at their respective eSports have all converged at Blizzcon to begin opening week of the World Championships.  This week is group stage, just like the World Cup.  Teams that make it through the group stage will enter the main tournament next week during the official Blizzcon event surrounded by tens of thousands of raving fans.  Viewers will be able to swap between the different games with the click of a button.  Today is the start of the Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm group stage and tomorrow Starcraft 2 group stage begins.  

Events like Blizzcon World Championships really shows how far eSports have come.  Heroes of the Storm pregame show is almost indistinguishable from a traditional professional sports event.  This makes the viewer experience quite enjoyable.  The commentators are all very knowledgable about the game as well as the players.  HotS is the type of game that viewers don’t even really need to understand the rules of the game to get caught up in the exciting moments that are sure to come over the next days.  With plenty of great moments upcoming, make sure to check it out.

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