Can we talk about Binge Eating Disorder?

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So by now we’ve all seen that stupid commercial with the heavy set lass and how she suffers from “B.E.D”. My first thought when I saw this commercial was “She’s joking right?” like there’s really an eating disorder for eating a little extra food? This disorder is literally an excuse for the lazy and the soft.

Here are some facts about this “disorder”:Most common in US adults

Cause is unknown, might be related to chemicals in the brain

Breaking that down

Most common in US adults… What I’m taking from that this is a first world problem and you don’t start to suffer it until you have money and the ability to sit there all day eating pizza and watching netflix… Sounds like my kind of night.

Might be related to chemicals in the brain- Last I checked the real eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia are related to chemical imbalances (among other things). Basically the way I interpret this is “Shit we need to sound real so let’s say that it might be related to chemical issues”. IE this is BS.

Diagnosis B.E.D

  1. Eating more than most adults would in a similar situation.
  2. 3 of the following: Eating extremely fast, Eating beyond full, Eating when not hungry (which is almost the same as beyond full), eating in secret to hide how much, Feeling terrible after a binge.
  3. Feeling upset by eating binges (which is already in part 2)
  4. “Binging” once a week for three months”
  5. Don’t try to undo your actions with over exercising or vomiting

At this point 90% of American adults MUST suffer B.E.D… Are you fucking kidding me? This just describes and average person’s life. I eat pizza/wings/fries (etc) more than a normal person in one sitting. I make at least a pound of  bacon and some eggs every saturday morning. I over eat because I enjoy the food (even when I’m full). Yes feel like shit after devouring a whole case of Oreos, but I will continue to do so because… Delicious. I do this as often as B.E.D says to watch out for. I feel like almost everyone does.

Here’s the thing, this is just an excuse for people who are heavy set/husky/chubby or down right fat who are too lazy to get off the couch and work out or go for a walk (etc). I also feel like this is kind of insulting to people who suffer actually eating disorders (like mentioned above). People with actual eating disorders have a real struggle with it. Anorexic and Bulimic people have an actual issue that they have to deal with. There are psychological reasons and other factors like environmental and social reasoning, which is why you see kids, teens and adults suffering these conditions.

Final thoughts:

This is just another example of people being soft. They need these excuses so that being overweight to “not be their fault”. I’m not bashing people who are overweight either, a lot of people who are overweight suffer real diseases (such as thyroid conditions). I’m simply saying that this a made up condition for people who are lazy and looking for an excuse.


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