Cannabis Beer Brewer Gets Ready For National Distribution

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A Colorado company Dad and Dude’s Breweria has recently cleared a huge obstacle to distribute cannabis-infused beer nationally. It has received the Federal formula approval for an extract infused beer from the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

The only thing left for them to approve is the label of the product, which in comparison to the formula itself should be a cake walk. Once this is complete, the company can start distributing outside of Colorado state lines.

Before you get too excited about this cannabis beer, you should know that it does not contain the THC compound that would give you the same high as smoking. It actually contains industrial hemp with cannabis extract that simply alters the beer’s flavor. While it does sound odd, cannabis is closely related to hops that are used regularly in beer.

The big hope here is this helps the process of national legalization of marijuana, or at least to push the conversation. Make sure you keep an eye out for General Washington’s Secret Stash IPA on the shelves in the near future. Though some people may be disappointed that it does not offer you a different type of high, it will be interesting to try this unique spin on craft beer’s most successful type of beer.

I’m glad this doesn’t have any THC in it, have you ever tried smoking and drinking heavily at once? That would fuck you up, but you wouldn’t be fucking fat bitches in no time. You would be hanging over a railing somewhere puking your brains out because you have the spins.


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