Catwoman Trailer Shows How Lethal She Can Be

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NRS has revealed Catwoman for Injustice 2 and now it makes sense why she got her own trailer.  Her playstyle is fast and furious.  Her strings are incredibly quick and provide for great mix up opportunities.  Her combo enders all look to add a dynamic aspect to her game with various uses.  Seeing her finish a combo by grabbing her opponent with her whip and going for a final hit was a really nice use of her mechanics.  Catwoman can summon a cat in what looks to be similar to Atrocitus’ trait, but only with a single use.  Catwoman also has an amazing dash attack that can be used as a whiff punisher that is forward advancing and looks like it can be meter burned for a combo.  It looks similar to Reptiles dash attack in MKX.  As icing on the cake, Catwoman’s projectile dodge makes a return, giving her a solid way to handle projectile heavy characters as she works her way in for massive damage and overwhelmingly quick attacks.  If this trailer is anything to go by then Catwoman looks like she will be a force for the life of Injustice 2.

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