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The No Fun League has consistently drawn lower rating this year across the board for a myriad of reasons. The most obvious reason has been the quality of play, and the amount of flags throughout the duration of a game. It has become insufferable. I’m someone that DVR’s all the games that I can, and I watch them after I put my kids to bed. That hasn’t been the case this year, as some of the games move slower than any other sport. Another area that has really been impacted is all of the personality has been taken out of the game, especially taken out of touchdown celebrations. Celebrations like the Icky Shuffle, Billy “white shoes” Johnson, the Dirty bird were all a staple of a Sunday afternoon. Obviously people didn’t tune in to just watch celebrations, but it was entertaining to watch the players have fun when they or their teammate did something good. They are playing a game after all. Which leads me to the CAFL, that would be the Chinese Arena Football League. I honestly didn’t know that the league existed, but they have a fun rule. There are no restrictions on celebrations. Believe it or not NFL, the world didn’t end when a player pretended to have a sword fight with a teammate. It’s shocking I know. The way the NFL regulates it, I was expecting the Earth to literally stop spinning. Let the guys have a little fun when they score. Of course the touchdown would probably be called back because of a penalty.

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