Color Change Sequin Shorts

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A company by the name of DerbyKiss has created an amazing item.  They have created shorts that change color when you touch them.  This is such a great concept.  The only main drawback of these shorts would have to be stopping random guys from grabbing some cheek to see the color change.  Don’t be that guy, as tempting as it is.  Just imagine seeing someone wearing these amazing shorts and then she just turns around and slaps some guy.  Everyone there would have a full view of the handprint on the girl’s booty as clear evidence of wrongdoing.  Then again, there may be girls that buy these with the intent to get people to touch her butt.  It’s a risky game so it would probably be best to wait for an invitation.  However, once you get that invitation, you all better make sure to use this chance to your fullest.  I’m talking smiley faces, hand prints on each cheek, the designs would only be limited by your imagination.  

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