Combo Breaker Marks the Beginning of Tournament Season for Injustice 2

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With Combo Breaker 2017 in the books, tournament season is officially upon us.  The Injustice 2 tournament had some great moments and is surely a sign of things to come.  Fans even got a taste of NRS Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown as a commentator during pools.  Fans can expect to see even higher levels of play as the season continues, considering the game has only officially been out for about 2 weeks.  

There were a few things that fans could take away from this tournament.  First, legacy character ruled the day.  Top 16 had very few appearances of new characters.  Returning characters such as Aquaman, Superman, and Black Adam were on display in almost every match.  Harley Quinn made a strong appearance as well.  The only new characters to do any sort of damage in the tournament were Robin, Poison Ivy, and Atrocitus.  The only Deadshot in the entire top 16 was Sonic Fox who quickly switched from him after losing a single round, proving that he might not be as great as the casual online fan base might believe. This showing of legacy characters isn’t much of a surprise considering how new the game is.  It would make sense that players would gravitate to characters that they have more familiarity with.

Another thing that fans can take away from Combo Breaker is that the best players are still the best players.  Familiar faces such as Sonicfox, Forever King, and Tekken Master were all able to make it into top 8.  Their adaptation, reactions, experience, and game knowledge really shined through as they were able to systematically eliminate their opponents.

Thirdly, Black Adam is as good as advertised.  The theme of the weekend really seemed to be that if any player was struggling in a match that they would just switch to Black Adam.  Forever King, who has always been known as the best Batman player went to Black Adam in several matches.  He was able to make a reverse 3-0 after going down 0-2 with Batman in the top 16.  He wasn’t the only player to rely on the insane damage output that Black Adam provides.

With all the hype moments behind us, players, viewers, and all kinds of fans will have much more to look forward to with KIT, CEO, and EVO all lined up in the coming months.  Stayed tuned with us here at KillBoreTime to stay up to date with Injustice 2 tournament news.


For those who want to see it, here is the entire Top 16.

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