Coyotes tripping on shrooms are causing mayhem in California

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There have been odd accounts of coyotes trying to take on cars recently. They have been staring down cars, running directly at them, sniffing the car and then scampering away. The possibility of rabies has been ruled out by certain officials because the incidents have been happening for weeks now. If it were to be rabies the coyotes would have died off already.

The shrooms theory was not just made up by some kid who thought it would be funny (it is), coyotes and dogs have been known to eat these when they happen upon them. The fly agaric mushroom has been used by shamans over time and is considered a sacred hallucinogen.

There have been so many occasions where dogs have been spotted eating them, there have even been pictures taken of coyotes eating the mushroom caps. Local animal welfare workers give tips on how owners can keep their pets from eating these mushrooms. This is not the only theory that people have (though it’s definitely the funniest), some think that it could be people feeding the animals from their cars. This could make them more aggressive around people and cars as they become more comfortable.

Whether it be that the coyotes are becoming more comfortable with people or that they’re mowing down on some magic mushrooms, they have been chasing down cars on the highway. My guess is the coyotes are smoking meth and getting all delusional about their well being, then running to get some more to keep their high going. It’s important to state that the mushrooms can cause neurological damage and even kill dogs. Do not try this if you are an idiot and reading this post, it could kill your dog (same with meth).

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