Damn Nature, You Scary!

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These little guys don’t seem like anything to worry about at first glance. WRONG, YOU’RE FUCKING WRONG!! The Bag Shelter Caterpillar can in fact be dangerous to you if you get close enough to them. Also known as Ochrogaster lunifer, they usually are traveling in lines of death. These creepy crawlers are of course found in Australia, the continent where everything can kill you. I mean it did rain spiders there recently.

These processionary Caterpillars have an irritant that can cause a lot of issues if you come in contact with their hairs. If you inhale some of these you are going to have to deal with some respiratory problems. If some of this caterpillars hair catches you in one of your eyes, then there is a chance that this can lead to blindness if not treated properly. The worst of all is the fact that their venom acts as an anticoagulant, and can cause people to bleed internally as well as externally. People could actually bleed to death if they stings were accompanied by other wounds could cause a human to bleed to death!

Great, now I am going to have to just watch out for every little bug that I walk by now. Why nature? Why do you take something like a caterpillar, a seemingly innocent insect, and turn it into a dangerous little demon? From now on I’m bringing safety goggles and gloves with me everywhere. You apparently can’t let your guard down around anything in nature. Let me guess, there are also flowers and plants that can murder you in your sleep. Luckily these guys are mainly found in Australia, where butterflies stab you to death, and koalas have chlamydia. You will never find me traveling to that god forsaken, yet beautiful death trap.


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