Damn nature you scary! Bullet ants

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Known to have the most painful sting of any animal in the world, many people compare this ant’s sting to being shot. This gives them a 4.0+ on the Schmidt sting pain index, and it has reduced grown men to blubbering babies. Just to put that in perspective it is 30 times more painful than the sting of a bee. In other words stay away from these little fuckers, they will fuck your day up.

These ants are also one of the largest known species of ant in the world, getting up to an inch in length. They release a venom that will cause severe pain in waves for up to 24 hours. The ants sting, though extremely painful, will not kill a person unless they are allergic to it. You may want to die after being stung by one.

So why the hell would an indigenous Amazon tribe intentionally let these fucking ants sting them? Well it’s for an initiation process, the Satere-Mawe tribe makes gloves that they put hundreds of bullet ants in. The person who is being initiated then has to stick their hands into these gloves and let the ants sting them. They then have to do a dance, all while their hands feel like they have been immersed in hot coals.

While these crazy fuckers are frolicking around with the most painful insect stinging their hands, I’m gonna stay the fuck away from them. Oh, that’s what makes you a man according to their tribe? That’s cool, I’ll run off to Neverland and stay a kid forever with Peter Pan. Fuck that, I’ve gone 28 years without being shot and I don’t plan on figuring out what it feels like anytime soon. If you are ever visiting the Amazon, make sure you watch out for the bullet ant, because mother nature is a bitch and needed to give them the most painful sting in the world.

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