Damn nature you scary! Geography Cone Snail

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Like something out of a Ridley Scott movie the Cone Snail is one of the ocean’s weirdest and deadliest animals. Out of the 500+ species the Geography Cone is considered to be the deadliest. While many other species have a toxin lethal enough to instantly paralyze their prey the Geography Cone can kill a human if they come in contact with one and is known to be responsible for more than 30 fatalities.

What makes the Cone Snail more deadly than a lot of other venomous animals (other than its highly concentrated toxins) is that there is no known antivenom if someone gets stung. The only way to keep someone alive is to hook them up to machines until the venom is completely out of the system. Though they have many toxins in their cocktail they tend to only use approximately 20 of the possible 200 toxic peptides when striking their prey. This leads scientists to believe that they may reserve the others for when they are trying to defend themselves.

While many species of these snails tend to live deep in the ocean and rarely come into contact with humans, some live in locations where they are more commonly found.The Geography Cone tends to live in sediment around shallow reefs where it can prey on small fish. This, like other species in the cone snail family releases its toxins through a harpoon like tooth that is attached to the snail’s body by a proboscis. The animal is quickly incapacitated and dragged into the mouth by the harpoon where the prey is digested. Below is a video compilation showing in more detail than I could ever describe how these alien vampires feed and inject their toxins.


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