Damn nature you scary! Golden Poison Dart Frog

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As you look at the picture of the Golden Poison Dart Frog above you are probably thinking to yourself “aww how cute”. Well, you’re WRONG, so fucking wrong. This little amphibian is considered one of the most toxic animals on the planet. In fact a single frog, which is only about 2 inches in length, has enough poison to kill 10-20 fully grown men. That’s right, I haven’t seen something this deadly since Omar Mateen.

Though they seem small, they are actually one of the largest of the 100 poison dart frog species. They are also considered to be the most poisonous of all the dart frog species. The dart frog does not create its own poison but in fact assimilates the poison that it’s food (termites, crickets, ants and beetles) carries from the plants they eat. Poison dart frogs that have been raised in captivity away from the insects and plants in their natural habitat never develop the poison.

People native to Columbia have used the poison dart frogs to coat the tip of their blowgun darts and used this for hunting for centuries. More recently, scientists are testing for other uses of the toxins and have come up with a powerful painkiller. Though they look cute, innocent, and playful they are fucking killing machines. Just make sure to cover up when walking through the rainforest as you can even die from skin contact with one of these deadly creatures.


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