Damn nature you scary! Japanese spider crab (Video)

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The Japanese spider crab, more commonly known as the giant demon crab, is commonly found off the shores of Japan, hence the name. These behemoths can reach sizes of 12 feet in length and up to 40 pounds, easily big enough to maul and eat a small child. Fortunately they live in the depths of the ocean, between 50 – 1000 meters below the surface.

The spider crab has an incredibly long lifespan that can last up to 100 years. They feed on basically anything that is smaller than them, eating fish, algae, and any person that is dumb enough to swim with them. They are notoriously difficult to catch because of their size and the depths at which they live. If you are able to catch one (I don’t understand why you would want to) you have to be extremely careful because they can cause serious injury with their powerful claws.

These fuckers are smart too, since they are prey for octopuses that are larger than they are (scary I know) they camouflage themselves with sea sponges and other animals to blend in. Despite their absolutely horrifying appearance people who have dealt with them in captivity say that they are rather docile around people.

So fuck these things, they can cut you up and weigh more than the average 4 year old boy. These are what I would picture crawling around a nuclear wasteland, in fact I think I have seen a few of these walking around in the latest fallout game. You see scientists holding them and smiling like psychopaths, that’s a whole big bunch of nope for me. You won’t catch me dead around one of these if it is still alive. If it were dead and cooked up with some garlic butter sauce on the side though, maybe I’d check them out.

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