Damn Nature You Scary! Mystery Eel Fish (video)

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Fishermen were caught completely off guard as they reeled in something that they had never seen before. It had a long body, pale skin, and razor sharp teeth. Several people have determined that this is a type of Goby fish known fittingly as the Eel Goby which are brackish or freshwater fish that are found in the waters around Malaysian waters.

While this animal does closely resemble the Eel Goby, it is still leaving people guessing as to what it may be. The video shows the fisherman poking and prodding it while it stays alive for several minutes outside of water. At one point the fish demon eel thing bites down on the stick when it near its mouth.

One thing is for sure, this animal will now haunt my dreams for the next several nights. Everything about this is nightmarish, from the pale skin to the thin razor teeth that could just shred through your flesh. This looks like something that satan would shoot out in his load, or a fish that was affected by nuclear testing. Either way, you could never come close to paying me enough money to go in those waters after seeing this video.

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