Damn Nature You Scary! New Millipede Species… with 4 DICKS

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So it’s not just called the millipede with 4 dicks, it’s real name is Illacme tobini which is named after Ben Tobin who put together the survey that discovered this new species. As of now, not much is known about these creatures. The millipede comes from a marble cavern called Lange Cave in Sequoia National Park.

The millipede sports about 414 legs which is second only to another Illacme species with over 700 legs that was found about 150 miles away in a cave. Right now the only specimen that has been found was a male, so the researchers have no idea as to what the female could look like.

Aside from being ridiculously leggy and having far too many dicks for it’s own good, the millipede is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. It has zero eyesight and is a thin pale colored insect that looks like something from the nightmares of David Cronenberg.

Worst of all, it has 200 glands that secrete some sort of unknown chemical, most likely as a defense against any sort of predator it may have. That’s where I draw the line. I f something is squirting unknown fucking chemicals I’m out. Who knows what the long term effects would be after coming in contact with the chemicals they shoot out. For all you know it could fuck you up like that chemical in The Rock movie that turned people inside out. These things are just one big 400 legged, 4 dicked, 200 chemical glands of NOPE for me.

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