Damn nature, you scary! Siafu Ants

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So I’m sure everyone has seen one of those horrible science fiction movies where the ants swarm a town or village and kill a bunch of people. That can’t be based on any sort of truth right? Ants don’t kill people, they may sting you which hurts but that’s about it. WRONG, siafu ants are the stuff that nightmares are made of.

These nomadic little insects can travel in packs of up to 50 million and have been known to fiercely attack as a unit if the colony is threatened. These aren’t any regular ants either, their bites are strong enough that you could tear the ant in half and it’s jaws would remain in your flesh. These have been used as sutures by indigenous tribes that have no other material to stitch up wounds. The head can remain attached to the flesh of their bite victim for up to 3 days after the ant has died.

That’s nothing right, just leave them alone and they won’t bother you. Welllll, sorry to inform you but that’s not entirely true. These ants, unlike fire ants and bullet ants are carnivores and will devour worms and any other animals that are too slow (or dull) to get out of their path. The driver ants can grow up to an eighth of an inch long, which doesn’t seem like much but that’s fucking big for an ant!

These ants can and have killed human beings before. While most people can just walk or run the other way if you are physically unable to these ants will swarm you with monstrous numbers. They have killed and carried away infants from villages, so if you live in areas where these ants are indigenous make sure you have everything shut airtight.

The main way that they will kill a human is by suffocation as they crawl through your airways causing blockages. This would not be a good way for you to die, as the ants bite hurts just as much as you think it would. Imagine a colony coming across you after you had broken a leg with no one there to assist you in escaping as they swarm all over your body and start to suffocate you. Okay, well now I’m going to have some fucked up nightmares. If the description wasn’t enough to freak you out check out the video below.

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