Damn Nature you Scary! Spur Winged Goose

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So everyone has seen Hitchcock’s The Birds and I’m sure some people fear fowls because of this, but there is only one bird to really fear. That’s the Spur Winged Goose, which is one of the only toxic birds in the world. You heard that right, a toxic fucking  bird, what’s next? Spiders with wings?

The Spur Winged Goose, also known as Plectropterus gambensis, weighs in around 7 lbs and bears spurs on each one of its wings. These spurs are used to defend their territory, usually against other types of birds but since they are very aggressive this could include attacks on humans (though none have been recorded yet).

These animals get their toxins from their diet which consists of a poisonous beetle, more specifically the blister beetle. The Spur Winged Goose then produce the toxin cantharidin from the beetles in their own tissue, this toxin can cause death in humans with as little as 10 milligrams. The toxin is not pumped through the spurs but is throughout the entire body so you better not try to eat these birds.

Here we have an extremely territorial, aggressive bird that has sharp talons on its wings and poisonous flesh. This sounds like a fucking ancient Greek myth or something. I’m surprised this thing doesn’t have the head of a lion. Geese are bad just shitting everywhere and attacking people without having a toxic body and claws. I hope to never run into one of these fuckers; nature you are one scary bitch.


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