Damn Nature You Scary! Stone Fish

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Like many of the most evil animals on this planet, the Stone fish is very unassuming looking. It doesn’t look like it could be lethal to you. It just looks like an ugly slow bottom feeding fish. What you don’t know (or you might, I’m not a mind reader) is that this is the most toxic fish in the entire world, and one of the reasons why the ocean scares the shit out of me.

There are actually five different species of stonefish that live throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans in the coastal regions. They tend to live near coral reef or underwater rocks and mainly buries itself under the sand in shallow water. What’s worse? The Stone fish’s skin color makes it so that it will easily blend in with its surroundings.

The most dangerous part of this little fucker is that it has 13 spines along its dorsal fin that point up when it is threatened. Each of those spines can inject a venom to whatever is threatening it, that includes a human foot that is about to step on it. The amount of venom that is released depends on the amount of pressure applied, so the heavier you are the more fucked you are. The fish produces venom in a gland at the base of its spine. This toxin causes necrosis, paralysis, severe pain and leads to heart failure. Anti venom is necessary and needs to be administered quickly if you step on one of these bad boys.

Just to sum this up for you, these fish are great with camouflage, covered in spines, and are extremely deadly. Sounds like I am never going into the ocean again without shoes that have some thick as fuck soles on them. The ocean is scary enough without knowing about the lethal little fish that likes to hide and fucking kill you in one of the most painful ways possible. Never mind the sharks and jellyfish that chill out in the deep, this ugly fucker waits for you in the shallows and you’ll never see it coming.

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