Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets its First Trailer

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Namco Bandai has given the greenlight to a brand new “2.5D” Dragon Ball Z fighting game.  Developed by the team that brought us Guilty Gear Xrd, fighting game and DBZ fans should be more pumped for this game than any that have come before it in the Dragonball universe.  The cast seems to mostly focus on the Dragon Ball Z era, but the fact that Golden Frieza is shown in the trailer could mean that characters from Dragon Ball Super are not off the table.  The gameplay style looks to be Guilty Gear Xrd meets Marvel vs Capcom 3.  These should be obvious comparisons, but judging from the trailer, it clearly fits.  

The game looks action packed and over the top.  This is exactly the kind of Dragon Ball game that I’ve always hoped for.  Some previous attempts were pretty solid, but never really hit the spot.  Dragon Ball FighterZ finally looks to be that game.  Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to launch first on Xbox One in early 2018 with PS4 and PC to follow.

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