Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 25 Quarterbacks

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  1. Aaron Rodgers GB- If you get either of the first two quarterbacks on this list you won’t be disappointed, but I’m giving a slight nod to Rodgers here. The Packers already have an extremely potent offense, and this offseason has added Martellus Bennett to the mix. Jordy Nelson should replicate the year he had last year. Now that he is two years removed from knee surgery, he could even eclipse his numbers from last year. 2017 Prediction: 4550 yds, 42 TD’s, 400 yds rushing, 5 TD’s
  2. Tom Brady NE- The fucking greatest. I’m very interested to see what this offense can become. Tom has arguably the best weapons he’s ever had, as the Patriots added Brandin Cooks to a loaded receiving core that includes Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, and I hear New England has a pretty solid tight end as well. Cooks is only the second guy to ever play with Tom who has that kind of speed. The other? Randy Moss. 2017 Prediction 4700 yds, 44TD’s, 2 rushing TD’s
  3. Drew Brees NO- Another year in the dome for Brees, another year that he should approach at least 4500 yards. While he did lose Brandin Cooks, he still has the ascending Michael Thomas to go along with Snead and a dangerous pair of running backs. 2017 Prediction: 5000 yds, 33 TD’s, 2 rushing TD’s
  4. Matt Ryan ATL- Matt Ryan and the Falcon offense is why the Falcons will avoid the Super Bowl hangover, and they will make a deep run in the playoffs once again. He will continue to consistently get the ball to their best player in Julio Jones. I expect Mohamed Sanu to do even better in the offense in year 2. Also, the Falcons sport potentially the best running back duo in the league. Don’t be surprised when Ryan is in the MVP conversation for the second year in a row. 2017 Prediction 4400 yds, 38 TD’S
  5. Russell Wilson SEA- After a season struggling with injuries, Wilson will once again prove he’s one of the top qb’s in the league as he should resemble the guy he was in 2016 when he threw 34 td’s. He also had twice as many rushing yards in 2015 than he did in 2016. 2017 Prediction: 3800 30 TD’s, 550 yds rushing, 5 TD’s
  6. Kirk Cousins WAS- There has been a lot of changes this offseason to the Washington offense. The team’s two top receivers, Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, are now gone. In their place the team signed Terrelle Pryor in the offseason, and they hope that Jamison Crowder continues to progress . 2017 Prediction 4600 yds, 27 TD’s
  7. Marcus Mariota TEN- Look for a Russell Wilson-esqe jump from Mariota this year. He took a big step last year, and it looks like we are just scratching the surface. The Titans drafted possibly the best WR out of the draft last year in Corey Davis. They also added Eric Decker to a pretty loaded group of receivers. Include one of the better tight ends in the league, Delane Walker, and look for a breakout campaign from the former Oregon Duck. 2017 Prediction 3900 yds, 29 TD’s, 450 yds rushing, 5 Rusing TD’s
  8. Jameis Winston TB- A lot of things that I alluded to with Mariota also applies to Winston. The Bucs are loaded with pass catchers which includes one of the best in the league in Mike Evans. They also signed speedster Desean Jackson, and took the best TE in the draft last year, OJ Howard. As long as Winston can curtail some of the careless mistakes, he could be one of the top qb’s by the end of the year.  2017 Prediction  4200 yds, 33 TD’s
  9. Ben Roethlisberger PIT- While Ben potentially has the best weapons he’s ever had in Bell, Brown, and Matavius Bryant, he still only ranks 9th on our list. If he had these weapons 4 years ago he would be anywhere from 2-5, but he has shown he can’t stay healthy now that he is in the latter part of his career. With that said, if he can manage to play a full 16 games, and be relatively healthy throughout the season he could easily finish in the top 5. Big risk, big reward. If you’re going to take Ben, be sure to take a second quarterback not much later in the draft as a precaution (Stafford, Rivers, etc.) 2017 Prediction 4200, 33 TD’s
  10. Andrew Luck IND- Luck should be considered lucky (no pun intended… ok maybe a little pun) to be in the top 10. Frankly, he probably should be lower, but his potential when he is healthy lands him at number 10. He isn’t healthy, and the Colts don’t know when he will be able to put the pads on. When Luck does return, he has some solid weapons to work with in Ty Hilton, Donte Moncrief, but he also has to play behind the dumpster fire that is their offensive line. 2017 Prediction (12 games-misses 4 due to injury) 3000 yds, 22 TD’s, 200 Ru yds, 2 Td’s
  11. Derek Carr OAK- Coming off a major injury I’m interested to see how Carr responds here in 2017. Once again he has a very talented group of receivers to throw to led by Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. If he hadn’t gotten hurt last year he would be much higher on this list, but the risk is real with Carr. With that said, he does have a very high ceiling. Grab him later in your draft if you can as he has and ADP that is extremely low for his potential. Or if drafted Big Ben earlier, Carr could be a perfect second quarterback to stash on your roster. He could easily be your weekly starter by the end of the year. 2017 Prediction (assuming health) 4000 yds, 27 Td’s
  12. Cam Newton CAR- Cam is still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery, but he is fully expected to be ready for week 1. While Cam does have a very good tight end in Greg Olson, the team didn’t add to the receiving core which is troubling. I like Kelvin Benjamin if he can stay healthy and in shape, but I’ve never liked Funchess even during his time at Michigan. He should have a very solid year, but he will need someone to step up in order to approach his MVP level from a couple years ago. 2017 Prediction: 3700 yds, 25 TD’s, 400 Ru yds, 4 Ru TD’s
  13. Philip Rivers LAC- Rivers should once again be a solid pick in Fantasy-land. He gets the extremely talented Keenan Allen back from injury to add to possibly the deepest group of receivers in the league. I expect the Chargers to be a dangerous team if their defense can be at least decent. If rookie Mike Williams, and second year man Tyrell Williams can provide solid contributions, Rivers could be entrenched as a weekly QB1. 3900 yds, 30 Td’s
  14. Matthew Stafford DET- The Lions offense will once again live and die on the arm of Stafford. He will once again have Marvin Jones and Golden Tate on the outside, and Eric Ebron in the middle. Look for a lot of yards, a bunch of TD’s and a bunch of interceptions. 4100 yds, 25 TD’s.
  15. Dak Prescott DAL- Coming off of a spectacular rookie campaign, I think there will be some growing pains in year 2. He will have similar yards and touchdowns, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see double digit interceptions this year. Last year he didn’t target Dez as much as he should have, and this year I think he will overcorrect and target him too much. 2017 Prediction 3800 yds, 25 Td’s, 250 Ru yds, 2 Td’s
  16. Eli Manning NYG- With the weapons that he has to throw to, I want to put him in the top 10, but then I remember regular season Eli Manning is very prone to mistakes and Manning faces. He should have another solid season, but even with OBJ and Brandon Marshall to throw to, I don’t expect crazy numbers for Manning. If he can be consistent, and avoid the mistakes he could finish near the top 10.
  17. Andy Dalton CIN- He still has AJ Green, and a healthy Tyler Eifert to throw to. So he has that going for him.
  18. Carson Palmer ARI – Larry Fitzgerald is still his best weapon, outside of David Johnson of course. Other than Fitz, I loathe the Cardinals receivers. They are all cut from the same cloth. They are fast, small, and drop the ball frequently. Add that to the fact that Palmer doesn’t have nearly the same arm strength that he once did, and that’s a recipe for a mediocre passing game.
  19. Jay Cutler MIA- hahahahah no
  20. Tyrod Taylor BUF- See Jay Cutler
  21. Carson Wentz PHI- Wentz started out on fire last year, and then cool considerably as the season progressed. With a motivated Alshon Jeffery to throw to, Wentz could progress very nicely this year. He could be a midseason pickup, or used as a weekly streamer for when your starter is on a bye.
  22. Alex Smith KC- Game manager, won’t go deep, and I personally don’t think Smith finishes the season as the starter.
  23. Sam Bradford MIN- No
  24. Deshaun Watson/Tom Savage HOU – Either guy will be ok, but the only reason they should even consider being drafted is if you’re in a 2 qb league
  25. Mike Glennon CHI- He plays in Chicago now. They suck, don’t draft Glennon

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