First Injustice 2 Gameplay for Sub-Zero Revealed

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Sub-Zero is back and better than ever.  MKX players will feel right at home.  Sub-Zero is almost a legacy character in the sense that much of his style remains from the previous game.  If you played Sub-Zero in MKX then you will have a feel for Sub-Zero in Injustice 2.  However, not everything is the same.  This version of Sub comes with all new bells and whistles.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be sure which of his moves he comes with right out of the gate and which are gear moves.  At the official reveal Tyler did say that his trait is the ice clone so at least that is confirmed.  It’s also probably safe to say that his slide and regular ice ball will make the cut.  Beyond that, it’s all guesswork.  I won’t spoil everything here, but as a last note, Sub-Zero can meter burn his trait to get double ice clones.  This is great news for people who enjoy playing Sub-Zero and the last thing that everyone else wanted to see.  Sub-Zero is expected to be available some time in July 2017.

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