For Honor Brawl Mode Breakdown

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Brawl mode is all about the Art of Battle.  There are no zones to be captured or soldiers to clear.  Brawl mode is a 2v2 fight to the death.  The last team with surviving members wins the round.  Brawl is best 3 out of 5 rounds so players will need to win three rounds to win the Brawl match.  This is a great way to practice the Art of Battle while also allowing for the occasional use of the Revenge mechanic if you find yourself outnumbered 2v1.  Each round starts with one player from each team facing each other ready to fight.  The map and start location determines how far each pair of two is from each other.  Location of teammates will largely determine the strategy you will want to employ for the match.  Generally, facing off one on one will be most efficient, but there are times when grouping together to try to eliminate one enemy at a time also works.  
Brawl mode is very reminiscent of World of Warcraft’s arena mode where high level PVPers are able to showcase their skill while facing stronger and stronger opponents.  Hopefully For Honor will include a rating system to make sure players of equal skill are constantly facing off in this mode.  That will go very far in terms of getting players to communicate and work together instead of always relying on winning the 1v1 battle.  This mode could have a lasting appeal if Ubisoft does ratings and matchmaking well.  Check out the video below to see Brawl mode in action.

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