Fridays top 5 (10 edition): Disney movies

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Todays “Friday’s top 5” is such an amazing topic, I couldn’t do just 5 and did 10. Honestly I could make this list much bigger but then it just gets out of control and not as fun. I do want to point out, this list is just Disney, not Disney Pixar movies.

Honorable Mention: Pocahontas, Snow White, Sword in the Stone, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Oliver & Company… Honestly SO MANY more belong here.

  1. Emperors New Groove

Emperors New Groove narrowly made the cut for one reason, Kronk. Kronk is one of the best characters ever created.



9 Mulan



8 Rescuers Down Under

Image result for Rescuers Down Under

This was a hard choice just because I loved both Rescuers movies, but Down under was a little better.


7 Hercules

Image result for disney Hercules wiki

Great great movie, the Story of Hercules is one of the better ones out there. Plus Danny Devito


6 Jungle Book

Image result for disney Jungle Book

Look for the bare necessities



5 Lady and the Tramp

Image result for Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp is high on everyone’s list, Tramp is stud and straight murders that rat to save his lady.


4 Fox and the Hound

Image result

Possibly the best story of friendship on this list. Todd and Copper go together like “Lamb and Tuna fish”. Gotta respect the shit out of Copper for staying true to his buddy, even with a loaded gun in his face. This was honestly my second favorite disney movie growing up.

3 Beauty and the Beast

Image result for beauty and the beast animated

Beauty and the Beast is one of the all time greats in movie history, let alone just Disney. I will say though, there are a few things I always had issues with… Stockholm syndrome, bestiality and some witch punishing everyone because of a child’s actions. Also did anyone turn into a toilet? If so, talk about getting the shit end of the stick.


2 Aladdin

A hand holds an oil lamp and another rubs it, and glowing dust starts coming off the lamp's nozzle. The text "Walt Disney Pictures presents: Aladdin" is atop the image, with the tagline "Imagine if you had three wishes, three hopes, three dreams and they all could come true." scrawling underneath it.

Arguably the greats “overcoming the odds” story of all time. Aladdin legitimately goes from rags to riches and takes down the princess.


1 Lion King

In an African savannah, several animals stare at a lion atop a tall rock. A lion's head can be seen in the clouds above. Atop the image is the text "Walt Disney Pictures presents The Lion King".

Lion King is the best animated Disney movie of all time, you could open it to any Disney movie and it wouldn’t matter. I need to limit it to that because technically all the Marvel and future Star Wars movies are Disney movies as well. Lion King had the best sound track, coolest story and was easily the most enjoyable movie overall.

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