Fridays top 5: Justin Timberlake songs

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In honor of Justin Timberlake’s new single from his upcoming album Man of the Woods, today we’ll be covering JT’s top 5 songs. I do need to point out these are from his solo career.

Honorable Mention: Tunnel Vision, Sexy Back, Not A Bad Thing, My Love, Cant Stop the Feeling, Dead and Gone (technically TI’s song but too damn good)

  1. Drink You Away

Drink You Away is currently one of my go to searches when I do karaoke. Drink You Away is a fun song and pretty upbeat, it’s actually a perfect song for karaoke. It gets everyone up and the chorus is a very easy sing along. On top of that, who doesn’t love a good song about having a few to many drinks and some questionable decisions. If you haven’t seen JT perform Drink You Away with Stapleton, do yourself a favor and go watch it

  1. Rock Your Body


Could not have named this song any better. Rock Your Body is the kind of song that really makes you want to move. Fun fact, Rock Your Body was the song that got me into Timberlake as a solo artist. You can still feel the NSYNC roots in this song but also see enough of a difference to show that JT is for real and ready to blow up the entertainment world.

3: Cry Me A River


This song is the biggest of middle fingers to Britney Spears and I love it. Spears clearly fucked up in someway and JT being the man he is wasn’t having any of her shit. He actually wrote the song after an argument with her. The lyrics lead all to believe she did something foolish and hoped JT wouldn’t find out. Well he did and he showed 0 remorse in writing this banger of a song.

2: Mirrors

Mirrors is a fantastic song about seeing what you have in someone once they are removed from your life. The song references it being easy to return to this person someone after a break, they just needed time to see how much said person meant to them. This song shows how much JT has progressed as an artist/person. Mirror’s is a polar opposite of his banger of a song in Cry Me A River (and our #1 song as well). One song is a brash go fuck yourself while the other is actually opening up to someone.

#1 What Goes Around… Comes Around

What Goes Around… Comes Around is an amazing song about love and betrayal. This song has widely been speculated to be a sequel to Cry Me A River (and I can see it) but JT refutes that and says he was inspired by a friends situation. This song has one of the best instrumentals of any song I’ve heard, and the change of pace towards the end is pure gold. When the bass starts pounding as JT changes things up… Doesn’t get much better than that. Not only is this easily his best song, but the music video is straight fire.

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