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Recently I was reading the latest news about the Venom movie coming out in a few years. I was very excited to hear Carnage will be the person opposing Venom as they are two of my favorites from the MCU. Both technically being villains (Venom becomes more of an anti-hero down the line) and knowing that I often cheer for the villains to beat out heroes, today’s topic made sense.

Honorable mention: Dr Doom, Doomsday, Carnage, Darkseid

  1. Venom

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Spider-Mans #1 adversary, Venom makes life a living hell for Spidey. Undetectable by Spider-Man’s “spidey sense” and more powerful than Spider-Man, Venom is just a nightmare. On top of having all of Spider-Man’s powers (which are enhanced versions), he also has the powers of the symbiote (the symbiote actually being Venom and Eddie Brock just the host).


  1. Dark Phoenix

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There has never been a character to do so much in such little time. Dark Phoenix is basically an unstoppable wrecking ball. The abilities of the Phoenix force are second to none… Telepathy, telekinesis, space and time control, reality warping. She is an issue for anyone in the comic/cinematic universe.


  1. Darth Vader

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Honestly the final 3, you can argue deserve the #1 spot. Vader is an absolute boss of a villain. Ruling the galaxy with an iron fist, no one but a Jedi dare oppose him. His mastery of the force and skill with a lightsaber are second to none. Vader is one of the most iconic people ever created.


  1. Magneto

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Easily the most recognizable villain in the X-Men universe (or the MCU as a whole). Having the ability to control metal and manipulate the earth’s magnetic field is one of the coolest mutant abilities out there. Think about all the things in this world that have metal. Magneto stops at nothing to push his agenda.


  1. The Joker

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Easily the most iconic villain there ever was. The Joker acts without reason making him unpredictable and very dangerous. Always finding the humor in everything ranging from a simple joke to murdering countless people, the Joker feels no empathy. His true lack of empathy puts fear in everyone from his fellow villains to the heroes who try to stop him. The Joker has done it all from killing Robin (Jason Todd, which honestly is pretty tame for him) to setting of a nuclear bomb in the middle of Metropolis killing countless people. The most insane part about him is he doesn’t have any powers like the rest of this list, he does it all with his brain. The Joker is highly intelligent, add that to his unpredictability, lack of empathy and just wanting pure chaos and you get the greatest villain ever created.

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