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I found this guide to building your ultimate squad with a salary cap of $15.  There is a crazy amount of variance with how someone would build their team, but we would need to create a scenario in order to properly make decisions.  The team might look drastically different if its a 5 on 5 brawl in a Colosseum compared to the team you think would be most likely to “win” the game of thrones in Westeros.  Here are just a couple examples of situations and some sample teams that would probably kick ass in those situations.  

5v5 Brawl

Stannis Baratheon $2

Jaqen H’qhar $3

Robb Stark-3

Brienne of Tarth $2

Wun Wun $5

This team is all about all the characters’ skill in a fight.  It was tough to pass on some of the all world talent left on the board such as Jon Snow and Khal Drogo, but grabbing solid warriors in every category with an actual war hero giant as the backbone of this crew is well worth it.  

Stannis Baratheon-A seasoned veteran who has proven himself to be an excellent fighter.  Even when his army was outmatched and he was still able to remain as one of the last men alive while easily dispatching enemies 2v1 while already injured.  Stannis doesn’t get the respect he deserves as a fighter but he also has a strong military mind which could provide a small added bonus in a brawl.  

Jaqen H’hgar-This category doesn’t have many true brawlers so Jaqen almost wins by default.  He is a master assassin who can also function as a soldier if needed.

Robb Stark-The young wolf has never lost a battle while always going where the fighting is thickest.  The only other strong warrior in the strategist category is Tywin Lannister, but the extra cost doesn’t seem worth it considering strategy will really only have so much value in a true brawl.

Brienne of Tarth-She was a function of cap space, but it’s tough to be disappointed having her in your squad.  She is an honorable and strong fighter who has proven her ability multiple times.  

Wun Wun-A hero of the Battle of the Bastards and the last surviving giant, an actual giant.  We are talking about the same giant that can grab a human with a single hand and smash them against the wall like a stuffed animal.  Having a giant in a 5v5 brawl will go a long way even if that giant if facing some of the best fighter in all of Westeros.  For example, the Mountain may be able to cut off one of Wun Wuns arms but he would still go flying once Wun Wun got his other hand on him.  

The Actual Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen was omitted from the brawl because she brings no value to a fight if she can’t have her dragons with her and since her dragons would obviously crush any 5 people in a brawl it would be impossible to make a team without her.  However, in the actual game of thrones, where there are armies and castles, the dragons are still very powerful but not as much of an auto win option.  Having said that, in order to help balance her out with the rest of the case we changed her cost a bit.  Someone can have Daenerys with the Unsullied and Dothraki army as $5, but if they want the dragons as well then she costs $11.  Setting her to $11 with dragons limits her to the $1 option in every other category, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see this still being the go to option for this format.  For the fun of actually making a real squad we won’t use the $11 Daenerys option.

Leader – Daenerys ($5 Version)

Magic – Bran Stark $5

Strategist – Olenna Tyrell $1

The Fighter – Bronn $1

The Muscle – Khal Drogo $3

Daenerys-Getting her and the army of Unsullied and Dothraki is still too good to pass for $5.  Even without the dragons, this already puts her in a position of power with the largest army available to any single Leader/

Bran Stark-He is the most powerful being in the world.  His only rival is the Night King.  He has the power to see and know all.  He can affect events in the past.  He has take over the mind of a human or multiple animals all at once and control their actions.  It would have taken Bran 10 seconds to say “oh the Lannister army left Casterly Rock and they are making their way to High Garden and Euron’s fleet is waiting to ambush us there instead.”  That kind of knowledge alone is priceless in war, so being able to control animals or people or the past is all just a bonus.  

Olenna Tyrell-She isn’t the best strategist, but she knew how to survive.  Getting the warden of the South with all her lands and incomes for a dollar is too good to pass up, especially after spending so much on the first two spots.  Having the best strategist is much less important when you already know exactly what your enemies are doing and where they are doing it.  

Bronn- Based purely on a budget.  Bronn is a personal favorite and very competent in his own way.  His entertainment value makes him a happy addition.

Khal Drogo-The fiercest fighter of the fiercest warrior tribe.  There is an argument that could be made that Drogo could beat win in a 1v1 fight against virtually any Game of Thrones character.  Jaimie Lannister was in awe after seeing average Dothraki warriors in battle.  Now just imagine being the Khal that has never lost a single fight in his life against other elite Dothraki that wanted to kill him to take his place.  


What do you think of these rosters?  What roster would you pick for your perfect Game of Thrones squad?

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