God of War Gets New Trailer and Release Window

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God of War’s brand new trailer, titled Be A Warrior, once again revolves around Kratos and his relationship with his son.  This time around, the trailer shows much more of the actual game, including other non playable characters.  Fans of the series have already become accustomed to battles against gods and titans of unimaginable scale.  It would be difficult to try to impress fans by simply introducing bigger monsters.  Instead, Santa Monica Studio seems to be putting a greater focus on characters, relationships, and storytelling.  Fear not, there is still giant mythical beasts.  One example from the trailer is Jormungandr, otherwise known as the World Serpent from Norse mythology.  This is one of the major ways that the Norse mythology shines through.

Gof of War World Serpent

With all of the gameplay seemingly coming from an over the shoulder view, fans should expect to see some changes in the game mechanics as well.  The trailer still showed plenty of hack and slack goodness that the God of War series is known for, but the developers do not seem to be afraid to try new things.  This really does like like a brand new start for Kratos and his son.  Hopefully this time around he can be just as much of a badass without killing his family.  God of War is expected to release in early 2018.

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