Hold a Coke with your Boobs Challenge?

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At this point the Ice Bucket Challenge has gone down as arguably the most successful viral fundraising challenge ever.  You can read here all about how the ice bucket challenge helped raise $115 Million in just 8 weeks.  The ice bucket challenge did a lot more than help raise money for ALS research.  It also created a slew of other “challenges.”  This ranges from the underboob pen challenge to the condom challenge.  Now it seems like there is a new challenge.  This one is called the Hold a Coke with your Boobs Challenge.  The premise is pretty simple.  Girls try to see if their boobs can hold up a can or bottle of Coke without any additional support.  I’m not sure why this is a challenge or if there is any kind of donation involved in it, so it is basically just a bunch of girls showing off their boobs.  This is just another way that the Ice Bucket Challenge just keeps giving back to the community.  Way to go girls.  Keep fighting the fight and holding up those Cokes!

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