How about the Blue Jays stealing the 04 Red Sox phrase “Why not us?”

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Going into the other nights game, the Blue Jays trailed the Indians 3 games to none in the ALCS. The Blue Jays were able to beat Corey Kluber and the rest of the Jays 5-1 to push the series to game 5. After the game was over, Blue Jays relief pitcher Jason Grilli in an interview said “We’ve won four games in a row before, so why not us?”

Why not us? Way to copy the 04 Boston Red Sox and not even acknowledge the team you stole the phrase from. I mean this is literally trying to rewrite the Cinderella story that was the 04 Red Sox. Facing elimination in game 4, trying to come back and win the series against what seems like impossible odds. Use their phrase. I was rooting for the Blue Jays in this series (I enjoy watching teams with serious championship droughts lose) but no more. Let’s go Indians!

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