If the NBA has any respect for itself, the 76ers won’t get a top 2 pick.

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There is not a soul on the planet who doesn’t think the NBA lottery is fixed. If the NBA has any respect for itself then it will do all it can to get the 76ers the worst possible pick it can get. I’m at best, a casual basketball fan and even I’m tired of the 76ers actively doing everything they can to lose and get a top level rookie. The commissioner should use his power to do something the NBA needs, get the Celtics and Lakers the top two picks. These are two of the most storied franchises in sports. Getting these two teams back on top as fast as they can would be in the best interest in the league. The Lakers sucking for several years in a row is not a good look, and the C’s are on the cusp of something great. Also the C’s could take that next step to face against Lebron in the conference championship and create another great rivalry. Everyone remembers Lebron vs Pierce in game 7 back during the big three era, the NBA needs another team in the east to challenge the Cav’s, and the C’s could become that team.

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