Japan Holds a “Best Boobs” Competition and we are All Winners

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Good ole Japan.   Some very smart Japanese man decided that they needed a contest to figure out who had the best boobs in the country.  I bet that same man was also the judge of this contest.  The preliminary round consisted of hopeful contestants just sending pictures of their boobs to be judged.  Just imagine, “Hey, all ladies with nice boobs.  Send me pictures of your boobs so I can judge them.  You will be rewarded with a clear plastic trophy and get to brag to your friends!”  


The winner of the contest was a call center employee by the name of Ryoko Nakazaki.  Her F-cup pumpkins stole the show, but it probably didn’t hurt when she told the judges about how she would “massage them” and “slather them in cream.”  As someone who has plenty of call center experience, I see right through that.  This sounds suspiciously like those common phrases, “I’d be happy to help you” or “I’m sorry that happened.”  Either way, she did what she needed to do and now she is honored across the world and having the most bodacious bazongas in all of Japan.  Hooray for boobs!

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