Keijo, the Anime about Bikini Butt Battles

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Japan has just dropped a brand new anime and it’s all about bikini clad babes, bouncing butts, and boobs in a battle for fame, glory, and riches.  The closest thing it resembles would probably be the Joust game from American Gladiators, but with a Japanese Anime twist.  Keijo is a sport where the female players all stand on a floating platform in a pool.  Players win by being the last one standing on the platform.  The only rule is that “No contact is allowed except using breasts and butts.”


The concept of this show is already out there, but this is what Japan does best.  It takes concepts that are way out there and makes them a blast to watch.  Strangely enough, Keijo, or Butt Battles, isn’t even a new thing in Japan.  The Dead or Alive Volleyball games have had Bikini Butt Battles for a while now as a mini game.  You can watch a match take place below.  Just keep in mind that this is a mini game, but it just proves that the concept is already in place in Japan.

Keijo as an anime is definitely going to be hit or miss for viewers.  The story surrounds a girl named Nozomi as she tries to enter the professional world of Keijo, which is an illustrious and well playing profession.  The setting is at a Keijo training school so most of the traditional high school anime cliches might find there way into the show eventually.  The real star of the show is the Kiejo matches themselves.  They are surprisingly action packed and have a similar feel to many classic fighting animes.  The girls even have special moves that will clearly be making returning appearances.  Instead of Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu, Nozomi has a Butt Cannon attack.


There has only been one episode in the anime so far, so no one knows how things will play out or how good the show will end up being.  What we do know is that Japan remains the king of strange things.  This includes bikini butt battling.  Also, expect to see plenty of this if you make the decision to watch it.



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