Lefty’s Burger of the Week: The Porker

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Last week we had what is my current favorite burger, the Havabenero Burger. It got a very strong 4.5 bites out of 5 on Lefty’s Burger scale. This week we have the Porker.

What you need

Obviously burger meat

American Cheese

BBQ pulled pork

Brioche Bun

As always, cook your burger to its desired level and as it reaches said level, throw a couple slices of your cheese on the burger. Once the burger is finished, throw some bbq pulled pork on top. Take a nice bit bite and enjoy.
When making this burger, I didn’t add any extra bbq sauce on pulled pork I bought and after making it, it felt like it would have been better with a little more BBQ sauce, so I can only give it a 3, however if I had added the BBQ then I believe were looking at 3.5 or 4.

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