Lexy Who? Meet Polina Dubkova the Real Queen of Twerk

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Lexy Panterra has gained a huge following recently thanks to her twerking skill.  You can see all kinds of video all over the internet.  She even starred in a music video by Futuristic where they make a joke about how all that she is known for is that she twerks.  She is then told to twerk and proceeds to do so.

Anyways, the point of this article is that Lexy may be talented and have some jiggly buns, but Polina Dubkova is a Russian dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor who is on a whole different level.  She consistently enters and wins Twerk Competitions.  (Judging those must be an awesome job.)  You can see some of her moves from competitions here.

She also has an entire dance studio that learns from her.  You can see one of her more famous choreographed videos here.  

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