Madden NFL NFC Championship Game Prediction: Packers vs Falcons

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The NFC Championship game is sure to be filled with fireworks.  Aaron Rodgers and his Packers, playing their best ball of the season, will be visiting Matt Ryan and the highest scoring team in the league.  This just has the feel of one of those games that is sure to become an instant classic.  The last time these two teams met it was a high scoring close game.  There really is no reason to expect anything else this time around.  Both teams have significantly better offenses than defenses so it wouldn’t be unrealistic to see another match where both teams put up 30+ points.  The health of Jordy Nelson could play a factor.  It has been reported that it seems like it is a long shot for him to play, but it is obvious that he wants to be on the field and will do whatever he can to make it happen.  The Packers were still able to go to Dallas and win without Nelson, so they don’t necessarily need him to win, but every bit helps at this point in the year. Check out the video below to see Madden predicts to win this very close matchup in order to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  

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