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In a discrete location there lies one of the best breweries on the East Coast. So discrete in fact that when we were searching for it on the way up to nowhere Maine we drove right past it. The brewery is Maine Beer Company and people wait in line for hours just to buy some of their beer.

After a 5 minute detour we finally made it to Maine Beer Company and it smelled amazing, we could get the aroma beer brewing, malts and hops abundant. The service was great, bringing you beer promptly and with a smile. One of my buddies was clearly buzzing already and the waitress gave him some shit for it, which was great. I ordered a flight so that I could try a few of the beers that I don’t have regular access to.

The flight included The Peeper, Another One, Thank You, and of course Lunch. I started off with a new beer to me, Thank You which is an American Wheat Pale Ale. It was better than any wheat beer that I have ever had before. It was light bodied but had delicious lemon peel, oat and wheat flavors.

Next up was The Peeper, this is one of the Maine Beer Company’s beers that I have indulged in several times before. For an American pale ale there is a decent hop flavor present up front along with some lemon and grapefruit flavors. In the middle you get a biscuit malt and the whole thing closes out with a mildly bitter aftertaste.

Now I get into one of my favorite styles of beer, the IPAs. I start with Another One, a beer that I have not been able to get my hands on until now. This is great, a light IPA with hints of tropical fruit, citrus and a light floral flavor. The hops are present but not overwhelming, Another One ends with a dry finish that makes you want to jump right into the next sip.

At this point there is only one left, what Maine Beer Company is known for, Lunch IPA. This has to be one of my favorite American IPAs, it has a hop forward flavor that is accompanied by tropical fruit flavors. Though the piney hops are present throughout the sip there is a subtle malt flavor that brings perfect balance to this delicious IPA. This was a perfect end to a stop that was too short, if I didn’t have another destination I would have sat, and made camp at this brewery. This is a must stop for any beer lover that is in the area, even if it’s a little out of the way it’s worth the detour.


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