Man puts up “Slaves 4 Sale” sign with confederate flag to prove hes not racist because logic

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Source “A Missouri man angered his neighbors by posting a “Slaves 4 Sale” sign right above his Confederate flag.”

“Richard Geisenheyner’s rationale for the racist sign next to the racist flag is a little bizarre: He wanted to show that he’s not racist.”

Geisenheyner regularly flies a Confederate flag in front of his home in Liberty, Missouri. As a result, many people have assumed that he is a white supremacist and that makes him angry.

“If people actually believe that a Confederate flag stands for slavery, well, I might as well be just as stupid as they are,” he told Kansas City TV station WDAF.”

Logic is fun. For those who don’t know, racism is the opposite of “Wrong”. They say two wrongs don’t make a right, well two racists apparently do make a not racist. Mr. Geisenheyner just wants to let everyone know he’s not racist because of his racist flag. He had the very sound idea of making a slavery joke to prove it, and people just weren’t smart enough to pick up on it. If I had a nickle for every time I assumed people doing racist things were racist, I’d have a shit load of nickles.

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