Megan Fox wants in the potential Mortal Kombat reboot, here’s what we think would be the perfect cast.

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Megan Fox wants to play Kitana in the future reboot of the Mortal Kombat series and I tell you what, I want her no where near this project. The Mortal Kombat franchise has taken a MAJOR step forward with it’s 2011 reboot of the Mortal Kombat series, as well as its follow up, Mortal Kombat X. The HORRIBLE acting that Megan Fox brings will only hinder the growth of this amazing franchise. All of that said, here are some people I’d like to see in the Mortal Kombat reboot.

Ryan Reynolds- Johnny Cage.

Throw a blond wig on him and he’d fit the character perfectly. Johnny Cage has a personality similar to Deadpool and Reynolds just crushed that role.

Scarlett Johansson- Sonya Blade


Shes sexy AF and would fit the part well, pretty similar to Black Widow in the sense of she is more serious than her counterpart and a badass who can throw hands.

Charlie Cox- Kenshi.

He’s already portrayed a blind fighter in Daredevil, I feel he’d be perfect as Kenshi. Another thing is he is still more of an up and comer so he probably wouldn’t cost much to cast him.

Liam Neeson- Raiden.

I was considering Ian McKellen, but I think he is a little too old to handle the fighting. Neeson I think would crush this roll. He has shown he still has the ability to do some intense fight scenes (as seen in the Taken series).

Mike Colter- Jax

I feel Colter is a lesser known actor compared to all I’ve listed so far and would also be inexpensive. He played Luke Cage in Jessica Jones and fits the build of Jax.

Jackie Chan- Shang Tsung

I really can’t think of a better option here. Chan has never really had a chance to play the villain, and in his later years would fit Tsung very well.

Krysten Ritter- Kitana

She has shown she is a badass in Jessica Jones. She resembles Kitana already and is another lesser known actress who could steal the show.

Alexandra Daddario- Mileena

Outside of Mileena’s crazy jaws, Mileena has always been a sexy evil vixen, and Daddario is one of the sexiest women on the planet.

Vin Diesel- Quan Chi

Quan Chi makes me think of Vin Diesel in Chronicals of Reddick. I feel like Diesel could shine as Quan Chi.

Tom Hardy- Scorpion

Hardy has become a major player in the world of acting. Scorpion would fit all that he has been doing of late, strong fighter (think Warrior and Bane) and the ability to drive a movie even from a supporting role (like in the Revenant)

Christian Bale- Sub Zero

Bale already has good chemistry with Hardy (as well as Neeson for that matter), having been Batman against Hardy’s Bane. Playing hated rivals again on camera could work well between these two.

Manu Bennett- Kano

Bennet already looks the part of Kano perfectly. Bennett played Crixus in Spartacus and stole the show. He built upon his action resume with his role as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in the Arrow series. What is Kano if not Deathstroke with a hint of Crixus? He is a cutthroat mercenary who loves his blades.

Tony Jaa- Liu Kang

Young, talented and looks the part already. He does a lot of martial arts movies already, and is probably the best actor you can get for a martial arts film.

Andy Serkis- Goro/Reptile

Serkis is easily the most underappreciated person in the history of movies. He has delivered some amazing performances as Smeagol/Gollum in LoTR, and my favorite for him is Caesar in the Planet of the Apes Film. Goro/Reptile would be perfect for face capture animation and Serkis the best to ever play the game. Imagine Caesar’s voice as Goro’s and Gollum’s as Reptile… Fits pretty perfect doesn’t it?

This list of people seems pretty expensive at first glance, but I feel like the studio could save money in Jaa, Bennett, Daddario, Ritter, Colter and Cox (most of them can steal the show too). Mortal Kombat is full of plenty of iconic characters and lore. Getting a solid cast could really turn a reboot into a new blockbuster movie series. There is still no guarantee considering how the Expendables has a monster cast while the movies are pretty sucky. Those movies still make a lot of money and so far have made 3 films. I’d love to see 3 more films for Mortal Kombat, but I’d like to see them done right.


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  1. I wanna see them done right too but not with this shit cast. The only plausible ones are Reynolds, Jaa and Chan… the rest, suck donkey balls. When the fuck did Asians become white? Tom hardy as scorpion? Bale as sub zero? Vin diesel? Those other broads with no Mortal Kombat look whatsoever. Johansson as Sonya?? Shoot me now

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