MFK Wednesdays: Barneys Stinson Ex’s

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MFK Wednesdays: Barneys Stinson Ex’s


Good afternoon everyone, I’m back at it with another MFK Wednesday. This week we’ll be looking at the main Ex’s of my favorite character ever Barney Stinson. Now for our contestants


Robin Scherbatsky

Nora (No last name)

Quinn Garvey


Marry: Nora

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Nora is the obvious person to marry here. She’s gorgeous, intelligent and is everything you want in a wife. Her British accent is pretty sexy too, just more points in her favor


Fuck: Quinn Garvey

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First off, she’s a stripper… You know she has all the moves you want in bed. She’s an absolute smoke show as well, the kind of looks you brag about to your buddies. The issue is she’s a stripper and you can’t really marry a stripper.


Kill: Robin Scherbatsky

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This was such an easy decision for me. I actually hate Robin, she’s an actual PoS. She’s the only female on the show who went down in looks as the seasons went on, screws over Barney on multiple occasions and she’s the queen of double standards. I know this probably isn’t the popular choice, but let’s be honest. Robin is solid on her own, but relationship wise or anything like that, she’s the worst.

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