MFK Wednesdays

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Everyone loves a good round of marry fuck kill. With Wednesday already being hump day, it makes sense to do it on wednesdays. In honor of the inaugural MFK, let’s go with 3 of my favorite celebs.


Anna Kendrick

Aubrey Plaza

Anna Camp


We all know the rules to Marry, Fuck, Kill. Gotta pick the one you marry, the one you fuck and the one you would kill. None of this “Well I’d just fuck all 3 and kill none.” bullshit.


Marry- Anna Kendrick

Image result for anna kendrick

Let’s be honest here for a minute, you all knew how that pick was going to go. Id marry the fuck out of Anna Kendrick right now if I could.

Fuck- Aubrey Plaza

Image result for Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza looks like she would be CRAZY in bed. She seems like the type that would want to  fulfill your every desire.

Kill- Anna Camp


Gotta kill Anna Camp in this one. I’m pretty sure this is one most would agree on in this round of MFK.

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