Mount Rushmore of the 4 major sports.

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Now that Brady has won his historic 5th championship, I have given up on my stance against him being the GOAT. It is no longer possible to deny it, if you are still trying just stop. With that now settled, I can’t help but wonder who would be on the Mount Rushmore of the 4 major sports.


Football: Tom Brady

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Let’s just start here since I have already been talking about him. 5 Championships, 7 Super Bowl appearances, owns every playoff record, only 1 time in his 17 year career has he not made the playoffs (his 2nd year as a starter, also not including the year he missed), a winning record vs all but one team (that team being the Broncos) and a multi time MVP. I can understand if someone wanted to argue Rice, Montana, Sanders, or even Belichick (that’s right a head coach) but I honestly believe Brady deserves this spot.


Basketball: Michael Jordan

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Is there even a question about this? You honestly can not argue another player, sure there are other legends but… MJ. Jordan is basketball, he is so basketball that even people who know nothing about basketball know who Jordan is. A 6 time champion, and won the mvp in all them as well (also never faced elimination in the finals. I could go on but there is really no need.  People may try to argue players like Lebron, Kobe, and Duncan, but Jordan still sits at the top.


Hockey: Wayne Gretzky

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I have said before that Gretzky is the greatest player in any sport and still you can not argue that fact (yes it’s a fact). The fact that if he had never scored a goal in his career he would still be the all time point leader is the most telling stat of all time (also happens to be the all time goal leader). There was an 8 year stretch he won the MVP each year (9 total). On top of all the accolades in his career, he was so the greatest that the NHL retired his #99 across the league. The only other example of this is 42 in baseball for Jackie Robinson but that’s because he broke the race barrier.


Baseball: Ken Griffey Jr

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This is the only pick people can really argue with, but there have been more baseball players worthy of this spot than in any of the other sports. Griffey Jr is the best person for this spot for so many reasons. Griffey was a true generational talent, a 5 tool player who, even through all the injuries, was still a first ballot Hall of Famer (he set the record for most votes as well). Griffey played a big part in helping save baseball in the late 90’s with all of his home runs, exciting defensive plays and home run derbys. Griffey literally made wearing your hat backwards cool. He had a swing that EVERY person who ever swung a bat has tried to emulate and to this day kids still try to do. As I mentioned earlier he was a true 5 tool player, (Hit for power, average, fielding ability, strong arm and base running) and everything you ever wanted in a player. On top of that, there is zero steroid controversies surrounding his career (which is a big issue for some people) in an era marred by scandals. Also he was amazing with the media and his fans which went along for his popularity outside of Seattle and Cincy.

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